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Meeting the RD

So, Thursday I have a meeting with the residential director for drinking in the dorms. I wonder what will happen to me? I hope nothing serious, probably just a warning, do some community service, write a essay, I don’t know. But everyone drinks in their dorms… no biggie. I just have to be more slick about it… Actually it was my friend who openned the doors to the residential assistants. I was in the bathroom when they walked in. I got off guard walking out of the bathroom and seeing the RAs standing in the room. I take this as an experience, everyone has to get written up atleast once, or you’re just not experiencing college life.

Don’t you just hate it when you pee and that shit splatters all over your legs and/or pants? And whats worse is that if you’re wearing pants that are light colored, you’ll see water spots all over your crotch area. And you can’t stay in the bathroom for a long time to let it dry off or people will just think you took a shit. Sucks especially if you’re in a Starbucks or something and you see some cute girl sitting down with her eyes near waist length… now you can’t walk in her direction.

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