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Good Morning, or not.

Went to a frat party last night, and had one of many fun nights. Drank some nasty shit. This morning I had class at 8 which I decided to skip cause I wasn’t feeling it. It’s okay, I have friends in that class who can tell me what went one. I’ve actually been skipping a lot of the classes. Again, I think I should be fine. One class is Statics which I already took in Fullerton, and another class is Fluid Mechanics. I just can’t hear what the professor talks about and usually when the class ends, I have a blank page in front of me. I’ll just go to my TA’s office hours. I’m a little faded right now, zoning out while writing this fucken blog. Fuck. I have class at 11. Why am I up so early? Pi Kapp tonight.

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