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My mouth is dry right now… I drank like two beers and took a vicodin pill. Not sure why I did it but, I guess I was bored and wanted to feel faded for some reason. I know its bad, which is why I’m not going to do it again. Its just one of those experiences I guess? But I have midterms Tuesday and I should be studying. Physics sucks and I have a shit load of things to do this weekend. Friends are coming over, getting drunk and drunk. My feet stinks cause I’ve been riding my bike today with no socks on. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. For some reason I get a lot of eye fuckings from girls when I have my sunglasses and my hat on. I think will have this outfit all the time. Eye fucking is so great. Its like you can’t really do to a girl that you want to but some how you can do whatever you want in your mind. Week is going by pretty fast and the weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I should chill this weekend… sike!

Artist of the day, maybe week or month… Shwayze

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