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Week 4

I’ve been here for five weeks now and I’m having midterms already. The weeks over here in UCLA starts from zero week. Zero week is when a lot of the students get settled in school: buying book, joining clubs, rushing fraternities and sororities… Well anywho, I bombed my first midterm (Physics) today… sucks, but oh well, there is one more midterm and then a final. I’m going to start studying a week before and not party the weekend before I have tests. But what sucks is that Halloween is the weekend after this and I have two finals the following Monday. I also have a sweet final thursday before Halloween. How lovely is this. Just gotta get by and do what I gotta do.

I’m getting fat from all these dorm foods. I still have a shitload of swipes… I have like 145? swipes. Lets do the math… seven days a week, three meals a day = 21 meals a week. six weeks left, which means I only need 126 meals only. Who eats three meals a day anyways? Someone come visit me and I’ll give you food. We’re rated one of the top dorm foods…

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