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Being sick…

Sucks! I have nose congestion… if you were wondering. I had a cough for about a week, now it turned into nose congestion. In the mornng, all the green booger crap gets stuck in my head and I cant breathe. I was blowing my nose in the sink this morning and i blew out like balls of green shit… disgusting! This sucks. Being sick is the worst, you feel like shit, don’t want to do anything, feeling lazy, and on top of that I have a midterm this Friday. Good thing I started studying early, yet I still feel behind. The only thing I like about being sick is taking the medication, it makes me feel relaxed and calm. I’ve been drinking lots of water too which makes me pee every 10 minutes. My nose is hella red from blowing crap out of my system. I’m a walking germ…

Oh, and my friend has the worst luck ever… even with girls. Well, first off he gets hurt riding his bike. Tries to show off to friends by going up a sidewalk curb and gets stitches under his chin. I would like to note that he rides a mountain bike with dual shocks. I’m not even sure how he would take a bad fall with a mountain bike. Then a couple of days later, his chain on his bike breaks going up a hill (Bruin Walk) on first gear. I had to stop for 10 minutes literally laughing my ass off. Like four days ago, we were in a small store trying to get some Tylenol cough syrup (which I should mention isn’t as affective as Dayquil) and he talks randomly about how he had pink eye and hates it, and then two days later he gets pink eye. Then with the girls, once he was in Israel (I believe) and met this girl at this party and was going to take her into a room until his he thought his friends left so he had to run out and look for them and found out that they haven’t left the party yet. So he goes back into the party to look for the girl but looses her. I’m pretty sure he was too drunk to even remember what she looked like anyways. She was probably ass ugly, beer goggles gets you. Another time, last Thursday he meets this girl and all she can talk about how good of a BJ she gives, but when he finally tries to get her back to his room, her friends come cock blocking and loses his chance. Don’t you just hate it when girls cock block.

Edit: I just got update that he got pink eye on his other eye now… and I forgot to mention that he tried going to the doctors on Monday to get eye drops after our 10:00 AM class but had to schedule an appointment which the earliest was at 12:00 PM. Then he finds out that they’re all out of eye drops… how random is that, out of eye drops?? But I guess he had to get prescriptions for his eyes as well. So that day I meet him up for lunch after he gets checked up and gets a call from the doctors and says that they’re all out of the prescribed drug and tells him to come back on Wednesday because the next day (yesterda) was Veterans Day meaning that the doctor was not at the office. I think this guy just suck at life.

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