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James Bond midnight Midterm today…

I had my Physcs midterm #2 and I feel confident. I think I knew wat I was doing on the test. I didn’t study as much as I thought I would. I went out last night at midnight to watch the new 007 – Quantum of Solace. movie at Landmark Theatres. I like the place, theres a nice bar next to it and the theatres is assigned seating with spacious later seats, pretty legit!

[long break]

Just woke up from a long ass nap. Yeah so another finished midterm… and my next test would be finals that I should’ve studied for today but I’m sick so I have an excuse to sleep in. But I will start studying maybe tonight and tomorrow. Going back home this weekend. Maybe I shouldn’t go out and I should just stay in and study? I think I need to develop my habits again and know my priorities. Sigh… another day another night.

Yeah so James Bond… why is he so cool? Damn movies. I’m going to try to live my life like him. I gotta some how come up with money so I can travel, gonna get the girls… buy new toys and work out more. He’s my new idol. Damn. I need to change my major so I can be able to afford a damn Austin Martin. I will you’ll see.

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