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the weekend

Alright, so what went down this holiday, Thanksgiving/Turkey/Gobble Day. Well a whole shit of nothing and a whole lot of friends and family fun!! So the whole shit of nothing comes down to just watching television everyday since I got home. Didn’t really do much studying which I thought I would do because I’m pretty much fucking up this quarter for too much partying and hooking up with girls. But I have controlled myself in going out and hooking up with girls in the past week or so cause finals week is coming up. I have to kill my test like how they kill trees to write the test on. So I’mma do it for the trees! And my grades. Anyways, the weekend consisted of a TV and a couch. Oh and the direct tv and I guess I can count my laptop in this equation. I was a total couch potato watching movies on TNT and the other movie channels back to back. When commercials come on, I’d just switch to the other movie channel. And the laptop… I was just on facebook and aim. Shit was a weak, unproductive weekend.

Now for the friends and family. Thursday was Thanksgiving which had dinner with my family. My brother cooked everything! I’d like to say what he cooked, but I don’t know shit about food. I just know he deep fried the turkey! Twice! One for the family and another one for the homies. The friends Thanksgiving was on Friday. Got a few game of beer pong going and played some playstation! shit was nuts. Marvel vs DC or some crap. I don’t know. Love my friends and family. Thanks for dinner cooking bro!

Overall this weekend was unproductive. Oh and I finally saw Forgetting Sarahmarshell, which is a great movie! Everyone should watch it. But if you just got out of a relationship… watch it! Shit is hilarious! The BEST!

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