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Taking a break

From an awful study. Studying in a new environment. Piano on my left, a wall in front of me, and of course noise: people talking and lots of blender noise. Stupid coffee shop. Well its kinda nice here. Makes me feel all grown up and shit, sipping some green tea and attempting to do some Physics homework… Like what my friend said, “its nice to get away from the first and second years.” A lot of the students here are graduates and students who live in apartments (which are probably 3rd years and above). Interesting to see new faces.

Anyways, on some random note check this out : http://projects.latimes.com/mexico-drug-war/#/its-a-war
shit is crazy. Drugs are crazy. War is crazy. People with guns are crazy.

Even though the economy is horrible right now, just be glad that you got authority to set shit right. I’m not even sure how the economy and authority relates to each other, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Oh and this guy Asher Roth is pretty funny. Apparently he’s some rapper? Never heard of him, but you can check out his youtube videos. But he made this video and I thought was pretty funny : http://www.imeem.com/asherroth/video/uDf1TDuC/the_hive_asher_roth_goes_to_college_music_video/

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