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Seeing different things, doing different things

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I was playing basketball with three other people, two girls named Michelle and another girl that I have forgotten her name, and a buddy of mine. Let’s make up the names, Jane and Chris. It’s not what most people think when playing basketball. I was actually shooting the ball in one spot, from a window. It was difficult to make points cause the rim was actually bend vertically along the backboard. For some reason I basketballs kept landing in my hand and I just kept shooting pretending that the ball went in-so I kept score.

There was a door next to us. I went in and it was another room full of hardware and controls. It felt like the room was moving. I looked out the window and I began to wonder what I was looking through. I was placed in a person head seeing through the eyes of a mechanical human being.

10 minutes later, I look out the window again and a girl was standing outside alone right in front of us. She seems sad. I see a guy walk towards her, and another guy walking towards her, then one more guy walking towards her. I go down to talk to her. She runs away and three guys surrounds me. We get into a bash. Homeworks, folders, and papers gets scattered around me from the three guys. They run off. I find out their names and home addresses from the papers they lost.

I head back to the original room where I was playing basketball along with a stack full of papers and binders. Then the four of us were watching tv. Chris and Jane were together, and Michelle and I were together. She accidentally knudges my face as she stretches, and then she kisses me on the cheek.

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How to be a pro fast food restaurant cooker?

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

If you want to quick school and become the greatest fast food restaurant cooker, grab a paper and pen. Get ready to jot down some notes! And given the fact that I’m incoherent right now, this shit looks good.

Tucker Max at UCLA

January 28, 2009 1 comment

So I recently found out that Tucker Max was at my school giving a speech about how he was passionate about writing and that people should engage what they like to do. I can’t believe I missed him. I wouldn’t care if it was anybody else famous. Something about Tucker Max that makes me want to meet him! Maybe I just have a lot of things that I want to ask him about: how to be an asshole, how to score points with the ladies, if I can touch him, or maybe ask what kind of haircut I should go for? He’s such a great writer and his stories are hilarious! If you don’t know who I’m talking about then maybe you should know, Anyways, my friend told me this story that happened at the end of his speech:

Max: Alright guys, anyone want to come to the microphone and ask questions? I’ll stay as long as you want.
*A Girl comes up to the mic and talks in a valley tone
Girl: Yeah guys! You should totally pursure your passion! Yeah! Guys! Go for what you believe in! Just like Tucker Max! blah blah blah
Max: Uhh, do you a question?
Girl: No?
Max: Umm, cause I just gave that speech
*Girl runs off crying

Tucker Max is awesome.

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2009 a second chance

January 2, 2009 Leave a comment

The year of 2008… from what I can recall, it was pretty great. I learned a lot. Had some ups and downs. Make a few bucks. I guess I can say that 2008 was sort of like a new beginning, and 2009 would be more of a upgrade. Learn from my many mistakes done in 2008.

I can already tell from the New Years Eve party, that this year should be a good year. The party kicked it off pretty well. So a few things that are going on in 2009: turning 21!, find a wifey, learn MMA shit, learn japanese with my rosetta stone program. I think my resolution is going to be, or not to be indecisive. I’m going to be a changed man!

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