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Tucker Max at UCLA

So I recently found out that Tucker Max was at my school giving a speech about how he was passionate about writing and that people should engage what they like to do. I can’t believe I missed him. I wouldn’t care if it was anybody else famous. Something about Tucker Max that makes me want to meet him! Maybe I just have a lot of things that I want to ask him about: how to be an asshole, how to score points with the ladies, if I can touch him, or maybe ask what kind of haircut I should go for? He’s such a great writer and his stories are hilarious! If you don’t know who I’m talking about then maybe you should know, http://www.tuckermax.com. Anyways, my friend told me this story that happened at the end of his speech:

Max: Alright guys, anyone want to come to the microphone and ask questions? I’ll stay as long as you want.
*A Girl comes up to the mic and talks in a valley tone
Girl: Yeah guys! You should totally pursure your passion! Yeah! Guys! Go for what you believe in! Just like Tucker Max! blah blah blah
Max: Uhh, do you a question?
Girl: No?
Max: Umm, cause I just gave that speech
*Girl runs off crying

Tucker Max is awesome.

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  1. September 26, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    i also liked the part where the girl asks him what he got on his LSAT.
    girl: “what did you get?”
    TM: “170.”
    girl: “haha! i got 172!”
    TM: “okay.”
    *awkward silence*
    *she leaves*

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