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Seeing different things, doing different things

I was playing basketball with three other people, two girls named Michelle and another girl that I have forgotten her name, and a buddy of mine. Let’s make up the names, Jane and Chris. It’s not what most people think when playing basketball. I was actually shooting the ball in one spot, from a window. It was difficult to make points cause the rim was actually bend vertically along the backboard. For some reason I basketballs kept landing in my hand and I just kept shooting pretending that the ball went in-so I kept score.

There was a door next to us. I went in and it was another room full of hardware and controls. It felt like the room was moving. I looked out the window and I began to wonder what I was looking through. I was placed in a person head seeing through the eyes of a mechanical human being.

10 minutes later, I look out the window again and a girl was standing outside alone right in front of us. She seems sad. I see a guy walk towards her, and another guy walking towards her, then one more guy walking towards her. I go down to talk to her. She runs away and three guys surrounds me. We get into a bash. Homeworks, folders, and papers gets scattered around me from the three guys. They run off. I find out their names and home addresses from the papers they lost.

I head back to the original room where I was playing basketball along with a stack full of papers and binders. Then the four of us were watching tv. Chris and Jane were together, and Michelle and I were together. She accidentally knudges my face as she stretches, and then she kisses me on the cheek.

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