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Travis Barker and Rebel 8

So I was able check out Travis Barker’s new release of clothing (the fast life) collaborating with Rebel 8.


Travis Barker was hanging out at his store and there were a few celebrities that showed up. I however did not see any of these celebrities: Ashley Simpson, Big Boy from 105.9, and apparently one of the guys from Fall Out Boy was there, but The Alchemist was the dj of the event and Mike Giant did an art piece in the store. You might be wondering why I didn’t see them? Because I was too busy grubbing on some free tacos!


yup, there was a huge line…

Travis Barker himself

We ended the night listening to DJ Icy Ice spin at Vanguard. Rocking one of Meister watches

  1. November 3, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    LMFAO have very cheesy songs but i do like their songs ,

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