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Fixing Iphone 3.1.2 WIFI unlocked

If you were like me trying to fix your wifi through numerous trials of resetting network and restoring the phone, and yet still doesn’t work…

Well, try this, kill your battery until your phone turns off, then charge it. Give it a day and hopefully wifi will turn back on.

I’ve been going through the internet trying to figure out how to fix my wifi problem for about 3 weeks. I had tried restoring my phone, resetting my network, resetting to default settings and yet no wifi. The only thing I tried that might’ve worked a little was using the WIFIFOFUM app. This did work when I was only a foot away from my router. I figured that I had weak wifi signal in my phone and I couldn’t figure out why?? One day I just let my battery die and charged it over night while I was in an unconscious state. I woke up and voila! It found numerous wifi routers.

So hopefully, this will work out for you as it did for me.

Let me know if it works for anyone else.

UPDATE: I guess this only worked once… It disappeared after a few days and then I tried doing the setup and it never came back. I’m reluctant on updating my iphone to 3.1.3… We will see.

And.. whats great?

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