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Homies vs. Run HMC

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For those that don’t know whats going on. This is the 2010 Eco Mud Run Tour in Irvine, CA. From the Eco Mud Run Tour website, “it is the social sporting event of the year, featuring great off-road obstacle courses, plenty of mud, and our fun-filled after party and Environmental Expo called Eco Fest.

Each Eco Mud Run tour stop will have a fun 5K course with obstacles that include:

Tunnel Crawls
Mud Pits
Tire Obstacles
Cargo Net Crawls
Jump Walls
And much more…
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Google Versus The World

Traveling the world could be a fun and enjoying. But not knowing the language of a foreign place can be bothersome. Well there’s a solution to solve your problems. Google Goggle. A new way to tackle and fully experience your surroundings. It is quite fascinating where you just simply take a snapshot of an image with a phone and viola! Read more…

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Don’t know what to make for dinner?

Are you tired of the same ol’ thing every night? Eating the same ol’ boring, macaroni and cheese? Do you want to add some spice to your life? Maybe you’re just trying to gain some cooking experience and want to impress a lady but have no idea what to make?

Check this website out, it’ll give you all the ideas you’ll need to have a great and delightful dinner : click here.

Thoughts from Conan

Conan O’Brien… He’s happy and does not regret his decision in leaving NBC. Who watches NBC anyways when you have Netflix. Well, I guess for the weak that is! Him leaving NBC allows him to explore new things, like his tour that he’s been doing. Anyways, he’s also going to be on TBS now… Here’s his 60 minutes

Google for the win!

Google just acquired a company called BumpTop. I think this will change the way people think about Apple. I hope Google comes out with the OS system and laptops.

Google > Apple