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Lockerz. I feel like its wasting my time.

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

It is weird how people try to go as far as they can if something is free. is this website where people watch videos, buy products and obtain points. You accumulate points to redeem prices. Some prices go from t-shirts to macbooks. It has gone a long from when it first started. Now it is like a bidding frenzy where people try to bid their points for the prices. However, I feel like this bidding scheme is FAKE. I wonder, how do we not know if lockerz program the bids above 100,000 points for popular prices (ie macbooks, ipods, etc.) where it is pretty difficult to obtain. This is some kind of scheme that they try to do so people can get their hopes up and do nothing but generate money for lockerz.

I guess its a great way for them to make money though. I give them that.

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