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A Pervert Among UCLA Extension

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Dr. William R Goodin, also known as Bill Goodin.

Here’s his Bio from the UCLA website

Dr. Goodin is responsible for the development, marketing, and quality assurance of nearly 100 state-of-the-art, one-week short courses in computer and information systems, engineering, and technical management.

Previously, he served in technical and management positions at Hughes Aircraft Company (defense software), Digital Productions (graphics software), and Dames & Moore (environmental software). He was also a Post Doctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Goodin holds a BA in mathematics from San Jose State University, MS in computer science, PhD in mechanical engineering, and MEngr in engineering management, all from UCLA. He is an active member of ACM (SIGGraph and SIGCHI), and past chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of ACM.

I’ve seen this guy around campus before and couldn’t believe it. He even has a Facebook and I have mutual friends with him. I’m not doing this because I got a bad grade or anything. I just want everyone to know what happened and should watch out for themselves.

It was graduation day, biggest day of my life right? Graduating from UCLA. My family and my girlfriend came out to watch me walk from the bleachers. My brother told me the story. For those that know my brother, and the type of person he is, a realist and knows what goes on with his surroundings. He doubts a lot of things, but when it comes to certain things, he believes in it.

Exhibit A: This guy was taking pictures of my girlfriend on the bleachers and my brother saw what he was doing. The angle of the camera was not to par of where the graduation was. The ceremony was straight ahead from where they were sitting and my girlfriend was sitting to the side where my brother caught him photographing at an angle.

Exhibit B: As they were walking out of the ceremony, this pervert tried taking an upskirt picture my girlfriend. My brother saw him and viciously stared and shook his head at him. The man was surprised that someone caught him. So what did he do? He did what every pervert would do, aimlessly wonder their eyes around. Got caught!

My brother saw him with his iPhone holding it a certain angle trying to snap a picture. Good thing we know how iPhone works or else we’d just think he was just playing with it. I know there’s no hard evidence to this, but my brother’s word is good enough. So be careful when you’re around this guy.


UC Regents Approved 32% increase

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

As a UCLA student, I’m pretty mad that they have to increase tuition 32% by next year. Currently tuition is a little less than $3,000/quarter making it to about $9,000/year. By next year tuition will be about $11,000-$12,000/year. The fact that the economy is doing bad with the rise of unemployment of 10.2% in California and budget cuts, this is pretty bad. The state is not making good decision, increasing our deficit.

The UC Regents came to UCLA for their meeting about this budget increase. Students from all over the UC systems came over to protest against this, unfortunetely it didn’t stop them.

Los Angeles Times has some pretty interest pictures of the protest. It was a two days event. Click Here

Free Weezer concert at UCLA?

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, its a contest that T-mobile is doing. All you have to do is vote on facebook! That simple and Weezer will be performing at UCLA. Who doesn’t love free stuff?


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Jay-Z @ UCLA

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh damn, Jay-Z is going to perform at our school on Nov 8. There’s going to be special guests too. Can’t spoil who they are, but… trust me, you do not want to miss out on this.

You can get more information here :

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Bruin Bash 2009

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I was just informed that I will be taking pictures for LMFAO and Clipse at the 2009 Bruin Bash at UCLA. There will be a VIP tickets where you can meet and greet LMFAO before the concert, and Clipse after the concert. Also, DJ Skeet Skeet will be the guest performance to pump up the crowd. Look for me running around on stay!

Stay tuned!

Click here for more information on Bruin Bash 2009.

Break 1

March 13, 2009 Leave a comment

A time when everyone is stressed out… finals week. FML. Studying in the library is one of my favorites places… It’s quiet, great lighting, opens 24/7, and my favorite… the beautiful women around. Although it might be a tough place to pick up a girl because the number 1 priority on their list is studying… their good to stare at. I mean look at. Not like I’m a creep or anything, but hey everyone likes to look at beautiful things right? Anyways… The ambiance is just great, everyone is here to study.

I need energy drinks..

So basically this 1 break of many… Hopefully I won’t have to take too many breaks as I should be giving my notes it’s fullest attention.

Tucker Max at UCLA

January 28, 2009 1 comment

So I recently found out that Tucker Max was at my school giving a speech about how he was passionate about writing and that people should engage what they like to do. I can’t believe I missed him. I wouldn’t care if it was anybody else famous. Something about Tucker Max that makes me want to meet him! Maybe I just have a lot of things that I want to ask him about: how to be an asshole, how to score points with the ladies, if I can touch him, or maybe ask what kind of haircut I should go for? He’s such a great writer and his stories are hilarious! If you don’t know who I’m talking about then maybe you should know, Anyways, my friend told me this story that happened at the end of his speech:

Max: Alright guys, anyone want to come to the microphone and ask questions? I’ll stay as long as you want.
*A Girl comes up to the mic and talks in a valley tone
Girl: Yeah guys! You should totally pursure your passion! Yeah! Guys! Go for what you believe in! Just like Tucker Max! blah blah blah
Max: Uhh, do you a question?
Girl: No?
Max: Umm, cause I just gave that speech
*Girl runs off crying

Tucker Max is awesome.

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